C Programming Tutorial

C Programming is the basic of all programming language. Before the introduction of C we had only Machine level languages.  This c tutorial will help you get a quick start with C programming. This tutorial is a guide for the beginners and also for those who have little knowledge on C Programming fundamentals.

Turbo C IDE software free download :

IDE is nothing but Integrated Development Environment in which one can develop, run, test and debug the application. 
The C Developing Environment is a screen display with windows and pull-down menus. The program listing, error messages and other information are displayed in separate windows. The menus may be used to invoke all the operations necessary to develop the program, including editing, compiling, linking, and debugging and program execution. If the menu bar is inactive, it may be invoked by pressing the [F10] function key. To select different menu, move the highlight left or right with cursor (arrow) keys. You can also revoke the selection by pressing the key combination for the specific menu.

Invoking the Turbo C IDE

The default directory of Turbo C compiler is c:\tc\bin. So to invoke the IDE from the windows you need to double click the TC icon in the directoryc:\tc\bin.

Opening New Window in Turbo C
The alternate approach is that we can make a shortcut of tc.exe on the desktop.